Expand Your Mind With Our Programs

Take yoga classes, nutrition education, and more in Grand Junction, CO

If you're interested in starting a new wellness journey, you don't have to do it alone. Turn to The Middle Wellness Center for community-based yoga classes and nutrition education classes in Grand Junction, CO. Every evening we host classes specializing in different topics to help you develop your mind, body and spirit. Yogis, get excited. We offer our professional yoga classes twice a week.

Call us today at 970-549-4030 to hear about this week's programming.

Take our classes to work toward the 8 pillars of holistic wellness

One of the biggest goals of our community classes is to provide you with tools, support and resources you need to work toward the eight pillars of holistic wellness.

Those are eight pillars are:

  1. Nutritional
  2. Social
  3. Financial
  4. Environmental
  5. Physical
  6. Spiritual
  7. Emotional
  8. Intellectual

You can find more than yoga and nutritional education classes at our facility. Stop by every evening to take the next steps toward holistic wellness.

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